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Idépilot is an umbrella brand for our trainings and services in the area of creative thinking and business innovation.

Creative thinking is training suitable for all employees. One will learn how to contribute with new and exciting ideas to the company´s development, using creative tools and methods.

Creative kick off is a vitamin shot aimed at a larger group. You will be inspired and provoked to think in a pattern breaking way, and leave the old trails.

Co-Pilot is a 2 day course for meeting facilitators. It is aimed at you who need to unleash the creative power in a group. You will learn about group dynamics, what tools are the best for certain challenges and you´ll be taught a large no of different tools for ideation and refinement of ideas.

Leading Innovation is for you with responsibility for creative an innovative business climate.

Innovation 2009 Starter Kit is a new and revolutionary way to transform your brainstorming meetings into fun and productive idea generation. The core is the unique "the IDEA GAME", a board game for group creativity.

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