Secure payment with all major credit cards.

1. Purchase
When ordering the purchase is made when Realize AB has confirmed the order via confirmation via email. The confirmation is generated automatically without any personal action when orders are placed on the Internet. If something is wrong for example the price, delivery time etc. Realize AB has the right to correct this even if purchase is already made.

2. Price
VAT is added to all prices unless stated to be already included. For orders to countries outside EU, no VAT is added. Even if order is confirmed prices may change due to reasons Realize AB cannot control, such as sudden changes in currency or VAT.
All prices are available in USD, EUR and SEK.

3. Payment
Realize AB shows prices excluding VAT by default. Shipping fee is added for all shipping. If inadequate shipping is selected when ordering shipping will not take place until correct amount is paid. When invoicing, shipping is added if inadequate shipping fee is selected.

Following options for payment is allowed:

Invoice - Only within Sweden or after agreement with Realize AB
Bank/Credit card - Realize uses secure payments from third party vendor. All information is transferred using SSL to this vendor. No credit card information is stored or communicated to servers located at Realize AB. 

Security when paying using Realize AB web shop
We are dedicated to keep all means of payment secure. If you have any questions regarding safety or the means of payment, please contact us or your bank.

4. Privacy and security regarding personal information.
Realize AB will never transfer any personal information to a third party. You may always ask us what information about you is stored at Realize AB and if that information is irrelevant, incomplete or in other ways wrong you are always entitled to have us delete information about you.

A cookie is a text file that is sent from a web page to your computer. Cookies are used to handle your shopping cart when browsing our sites. If your browser is not capable of handling cookies you will not be able to complete your purchase via Internet.

5. Delivery
Normally your items are delivered within 1-3 working days. International shipping adds a few extra days but normally shipment is made within 5 working days. Due to circumstances which we not control, delivery time may be longer.

Realize AB is responsible for the risk of the shipping. If something is damaged during shipment. When returning gods, you are responsible for the shipping and that it is made without damages.If products are not collected when shipped we will charge you a fee of 40€ ($50).

6. Support
All customers to Realize AB are entitled to full support during evaluation of computer software. You are also entitled to 30 days of installation support.


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